Meridian Ensemble

String Quartet

Logo design: Erick Galicia


Meridian Ensemble is a small group of Houston’s superb professional musicians. Although the artists come from three different continents, different cultures and different backgrounds, they came together to cultivate their passion for promoting the understanding of music and art for sustaining peace and cross-cultural understanding.

The ensemble performs mostly as a string quartet. However, it can morph into various chamber music groups as it is joined by guest musicians and visual artists.


Our performances have been widely attended and praised as some of the most powerful intimate art events in Houston. We choose our repertoire with care and passion so that we can connect with our audiences on deeply emotional level. We perform in small, original venues  – art galleries, yoga studios, church chapels.

Our efforts represent cross-cultural collaboration through which we want to encourage passion for music and the values it represents. Our concerts always include educational and fun talks highlighting the background of the pieces we perform.


For artist’s bios please go to About tab.

For the list of upcoming and past performances please go to Events.

Photo credit: Mark Chen


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